Holidays in Europe after Brexit

Holidays in Europe after Brexit

The referendum called by David Cameron, which sealed his fate by giving Britain “Brexit” from the EU, may have some unseen effects for many of us, in the area we probably least thought of when casting our votes, that of our European holidays.

Some of the more fanciful of the warnings by the “stay in” campaign do not to date seem to have brought noticeable quantities of war, plague, famine, or death, break down of society, moral or Continue reading “Holidays in Europe after Brexit”

Types of House Construction in Britain Today

Types of House Construction in Britain Today

House construction today does not face the constraints seen over the years, where construction type was dictated by locally available materials. Today’s infrastructure and manufacturing allows for the building of almost any type of housing in almost any locality across the country.

Solid stone buildings are a rarity in construction today, with the abundance and availability of modern materials superseding stone, but the tradition goes on in limited forms, with local materials emphasising the regional styles, such as flint in north Norfolk, or granite stone on the higher grounds of the north and west.

Cobb construction, now a rather niche building method in the Continue reading “Types of House Construction in Britain Today”

Why You Should Under Optimize Your Website

Under Optimize Not Over Optimize

As a website owner, you want to attract traffic to your site and it’s only natural to try your hardest to do as well as possible, but that often leads you to over optimize your site…….. a big mistake!

Over optimization is the biggest cause of ranking problems in Google. If you have put any effort at all into trying to rank higher in Google SERP’s then chances are that there will be over optimized elements on Continue reading “Why You Should Under Optimize Your Website”

Smile For The Speed Camera

Smile for the Camera, or not

Many drivers in the UK today, will not be conversant with George Orwell’s book, 1984, many will, however, recognise the phrase “Orwellian”. However it may reasonably be applied to the use of the speed camera on British roads.

The dictionary definition of this is “an adjective describing a situation, idea, or social condition that George Orwell identified as being destructive to the welfare of a free and open society”. Into the freedom of driving on the open road, enter the remote fixed speed camera.

There are conditions which may justify the instalment of safety cameras, particularly in urban areas such as around schools, or heavily built up districts, and there are those cameras which appear for no apparent reason other than potentially to relieve the driver of at least £100, and collect three points on the license.

The camera probably most recognisable is the Continue reading “Smile For The Speed Camera”

Savvy Online Shopping

Savvy Online Shopping

The majority of people in Britain now use the internet. Many of its uses involve financial transactions.

The sum of financial transactions runs to many billions of pounds, but what about your shopping over the internet, surely the tiny amounts, by comparison, would not attract the interest of criminals?

Oh yes they do. The criminals attempting multimillion pound heists from banks and companies, use similar online techniques to those who would target the everyday ordinary Continue reading “Savvy Online Shopping”